Clinical Edge - Acute low back pain part 4 - Treatment progression Clinical Edge - Acute low back pain part 4 - Treatment progression

Acute low back pain part 4 - Treatment progression

How can you help your acute low back pain patients return as quickly as possible to sport, work and enjoying life? How do you continue to progress your low back, hip and pelvis treatment so your patients build the strength, confidence in their back and resilience they need? Find out exactly what you need to include in your treatment, so you can get great results with acute low back pain.

Acute low back pain patients often respond quickly to your initial treatment, and we want to continue their progress and help them quickly return painfree to work and the activities they love.

How can you do this? How can you help build your patients strength and confidence, and return them safely to work and sport?

Occasionally, acute low back pain patients have an atypical presentation or won't respond to your initial management. What treatment strategies can you use in these scenarios?

In this online course - Acute low back pain treatment part 2 with APA Titled Sports and Musculoskeletal Physio David Pope, you will discover exactly how to treat patients with low back, pelvis and hip pain, as well as patients with lumbar referred anterior thigh pain or femoral nerve irritation. You will explore practical treatment techniques, strategies and progressions to accelerate your patients recovery. You will also develop additional treatment options for the times your patients low back pain doesn't respond as quickly as you would like. You will enjoy practical demonstration of treatment techniques, manual therapy, neurodynamics, exercises and progressions to help restore your patients strength and painfree capacity. You will discover how to prescribe the most appropriate exercises for your individual patient at each stage, based on their presentation and goals.

Prior to watching this online course, we strongly recommend viewing the prequel - Acute low back pain treatment part 1 with David Pope. Part 1 takes you through the early phases of your acute low back pain treatment, incorporating your subjective and objective assessment to help you identify effective treatment strategies and achieve immediate improvements in your patients pain and range of movement. You will use your knowledge and clinical reasoning from Part 1 in this online course.

In addition, you will also benefit from viewing:

Part 1

  • Introduction
  • Education strategies you can use
  • Psychological concerns associated with acute low back pain
  • Setting goals and timeframes
  • Keeping your patients motivated
  • How to treat patients with unilateral back pain irritated with flexion that didn't respond to your previous treatment

Part 2

  • How to treat patients with anterior thigh pain
  • Assessing femoral nerve neurodynamics and involvement in your patients pain
  • Manual therapy techniques and progressions - practical demonstration and home exercises to improve femoral nerve irritation and neurodynamics
  • Manual therapy and self treatment with pain and restriction in extension and lateral flexion
  • Explanations of your treatment to patients, and obtaining patient consent
  • Self treatment for your patients

Part 3

  • When and how to incorporate slump testing and glides
  • Activity modification to help your patients pain to improve
  • What to do when your patient gets pain with sitting
  • Building confidence into lumbar flexion
  • When your patients have limited fitness, how can they still perform the exercises to improve their pain
  • Explanations to your patients about the importance of building strength

Part 4

  • Gym exercises
  • Which exercises can your patients perform when lumbar or hip flexion is painful?
  • What pelvic position is best for your patients in their strengthening exercises?
  • How to identify whether your patient should perform a purely isotonic contraction, or incorporate 3 second, 10 second or 45 second hold
  • Gluteal and lumbar extensor strengthening exercises and progressions
  • How quickly can you progress strengthening exercises
  • How to know each specific exercise is suitable for your patient at each stage of their recovery
  • How to start and progress exercises for patients with pain into rotation movements eg golf or surfing
  • A case study of exercises for a surfer with pain when turning off the lip of a wave

Part 5

  • Early stage exercises
  • Deadlift progressions to improve functional strength
  • Progressing hamstring and gluteal strength
  • Improving lifting capacity in different positions and movements
  • Using your patients aggravating and easing movements to help guide your exercises and treatment
  • Exercises you can use when your patient has pain with hip flexion, and how to progress
  • How many repetitions should your patients perform, and how long should they hold each repetition
  • How to help your patient remember exactly how to perform their exercises
  • What order should your patients perform their exercises in?

Part 6

  • How can you structure your treatment sessions?
  • Can you start strengthening in the initial session?
  • When is the best time to commence strengthening?
  • Is manual therapy necessary?
  • How much manual therapy should you perform in a treatment session, and for how many sessions?
  • How to explain manual therapy to your patients to avoid reliance on it
  • When to phase out manual therapy
  • Which patients will and won't benefit from TA and Multifidus exercises
  • What guidelines can you give to patients to help guide their return to sport and activity
  • When can your patients run and progress their running distances?
  • How to make sure your patient leaves your treatment sessions with the right messages and information about their low back pain

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