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The Shoulder: Steps to Success online course

Are you a Physiotherapist, Physical Therapist or health professional struggling to consistently get great treatment results with shoulder pain in your patients?

Watch this short video to find out what's in the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course.... and how it can help you

Treating shoulder pain can be a complex and overwhelming experience

When your patients have persistent or severe shoulder pain, they can struggle with day to day tasks and miss out on their favourite activities.

Your patients rely on you to help them overcome their pain, but you might feel like there's a gap in your knowledge that's holding you back.

With so many possible diagnoses, it’s easy to feel uncertain about accurately diagnosing the issue, and whether you’re on the right track with your choice of exercise and progressions, or when to use manual therapy.

Do you ever feel like this with shoulder pain?

“I’m not confident when assessing a patient's shoulders, so I tend to avoid it.”

“It's hard to pinpoint what’s causing my patient’s shoulder pain. My patients and their loved ones would like an exact diagnosis, but I don’t feel confident I have the right diagnosis…”

“There are so many assessment tests. I’m not sure how to choose the right assessment tests and where to start to get a diagnosis, especially in a short appointment slot….”

“I have trouble differentiating between rotator cuff related shoulder pain and an early frozen shoulder (before there is any reduced range)...”

“I’m not sure where to focus my treatment and how to target the exercises when everything is sensitive.”

“It’s frustrating when my exercises and rehab program don’t relieve my patient’s symptoms. I'm not getting the treatment results I want with shoulder pain patients, and know I can do better than this!”

Instead you’d like to feel like….

“Shoulder pain diagnosis and treatment is much simpler than I thought!”

“I know the key subjective questions to ask and the assessment tests that’ll actually help me diagnose the cause of my patients’ shoulder pain, even in a short appointment.”

"I'm confident now when I explain to my patients the cause of their shoulder pain and what to expect throughout their recovery."

“I know how to start my patient’s rehab program and which exercises will be the most effective for their shoulder pain without overloading them and causing a flare up.”

“When I’m limited to only 3-5 visits, I know how to progress my patients exercises to get the best results.”

“I know exactly how long to treat before requesting imaging or investigations, or referring to a specialist or for an injection.”

“Shoulder pain is now one of my favourite areas of the body to treat!”

It's time to take your skills to the next level!

Introducing the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course with Jo Gibson (Upper Limb Rehabilitation Specialist Physio) that will transform the way you assess and treat shoulder pain, making you an expert in your area and enable you to provide faster, more effective treatment than ever before.

What sort of patients will the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course help you with?

You’ll be fully equipped to assess and treat all of these types of shoulder pain patients and more:

  • Rotator cuff related shoulder pain, subacromial pain & rotator cuff tendinopathy, including patients with a painful arc and those previously thought of as “impingement”.
  • Stiff shoulders, including frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, post-fracture and cuff tear arthropathy.
  • Persistent shoulder pain patients that haven’t responded to previous treatment or who have hit a plateau.
  • Rotator cuff tears managed non-surgically, including acute or degenerative, small through to massive tears of supraspinatus, teres minor, infraspinatus and subscapularis.
  • Post rotator cuff surgical rehab, including post-op stiffness and failed rotator cuff repairs.
  • SLAP tears.
  • Instability, including multidirectional instability (MDI), atraumatic instability and overhead athletes with instability.
  • Acute, irritable, non-traumatic shoulders that are painful with movement into any direction or at rest.
  • Gym goers with niggley shoulder pain.
  • Anterior shoulder pain related to the long head of biceps tendon.
  • Patients who have very little access to equipment.
  • Workers that perform overhead activities as part of their daily duties.
  • Tennis players & athletes with shoulder pain.
  • Patients that have been diagnosed with “acute bursitis”.
  • Cervical driven shoulder pain, including those with pain into the shoulder, trapezius and scapula.
  • Nerve injuries in the shoulder.
  • Acromioclavicular joint (ACJ) pain with reaching across the body and into end of range shoulder elevation.

Successful treatment sessions

Imagine how satisfying your treatment sessions would be if you had the tools and knowledge to consistently guide your shoulder pain patients on the path to recovery. You'd be able to provide the relief they need and feel amazing about your work as a therapist.

That's where the Shoulder Steps to Success online course comes in!

You'll become an expert in treating shoulder pain, confident in your ability to assess, diagnose, and create effective rehab programs that immediately improve your patients' pain.

This comprehensive online course, featuring 12 core training modules and 5 bonus modules, will teach you everything you need to know to effectively assess, diagnose, and treat shoulder pain in your patients. We've created this course to be both informative, practical and enjoyable, so you can master the skills you need while having a great time learning.

With the Shoulder Steps to Success online course, you'll discover how to:

  • Assess patients easily to get an accurate diagnosis and understanding of their pain.
  • Combine targeted manual therapy with specific exercises to improve shoulder pain and movement.
  • Guide your patients through exercise progressions that lead to full recovery.
  • Incorporate the kinetic chain into rehab for better pain and performance outcomes.
  • Expertly treat various shoulder pathologies, including frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, and rotator cuff tears.

What's included in the course?

This engaging online course includes streaming videos, downloadable course handouts, MP3s, case studies, and more, available as soon as you register in your online course dashboard.

So, why wait?

Join Shoulder Steps to Success today and transform your approach to shoulder pain.

Your patients will thank you, and you'll love the fulfilling and rewarding experience of successfully rehabilitating shoulder pain.

2024 Shoulder: Steps to Success online course

What do course enrollees have to say about the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course?

Image: Zoe Readdy

"I used to feel like a had a 50:50 potential to change someone’s symptoms with my treatment/management plan. I felt like I never had a clear, systematic process. I would often utilise the same treatment techniques or strengthening programs without significant progress and often couldn’t find good treatments and exercises to assist with reducing pain and outcomes.

Now I feel more confident having a systematic approach to my assessment/treatment and don’t feel like I’m guessing and hoping for the best.

The objective assessment and symptom modification tests, as well as utilising the kinetic chain have been so simple and easy to follow.

I feel very confident now, and the course has completely changed the outcome of my patients. I am so grateful for this content. This course has completely changed the way I view shoulder conditions and given my patients amazing outcomes. I think everyone should register now!"

Perth, Australia

Image: Helen Greensmith

"Before the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course my assessments were a mess of special tests which I now know are largely meaningless. I lacked ideas for rehab exercises beyond isometric rotator cuff strength and maybe theroband resisted abduction.

The course has completely altered my approach and no longer spend ages with multiple tests. The improvement tests in the course were a revolution for me.

I'm now hugely more confident with both assessment and treatment of shoulder pain, and usually get very good results.

Don't hesitate! The course is very informative in both theory and practical content. I loved it and gained a massive amount of confidence from it."


"As a new grad before taking the course, I was stuck on trying to diagnose a specific structural deficit, but then also giving everybody pretty much the same exercises.

The simple clinical reasoning framework Jo teaches is SO powerful at changing people’s movement experience in session. I'm now less concerned about structural diagnosis, and have a way better capability to screen those specific pathologies that do need diagnosing.

I also have a way better foundational understanding of how the rotator cuff works, which guides everything I do! Excellent course!"


Image: Jennifer Richardson

"Before doing the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course, there were so many aspects to shoulder pain that it seemed overwhelming, and I used to use more of a blanket treatment for most shoulder pain patients.

The course with Jo is broken down into easily digestible bits which makes it easy to remember & implement.

I now feel much more confident in accurately diagnosing shoulder pain, communicating this to the patient and knowing how to treat and prescribe rehab exercises.

My treatment is now more targeted depending on the shoulder injury rather than a blanket shoulder treatment that I did before. Do it. Now!"


Image: Charlie Rassek

"The shoulder felt like a complicated joint before doing the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course. I would say that I was not able to put an accurate diagnosis on the pathology I was facing, therefore not proposing adequate rehab.

The videos of the exercises, quality of the information provided, backed up by recent research has really helped me and is easily applicable in clinic.

My ability to take care of shoulder patients changed completely, I feel way more confident.

I did the course again a few months afterwards and found even more helpful info that I wasn’t able to understand the first time. Go for it, your patients deserve it."

Student Physio

Video: John Kelly

The Shoulder: Steps to Success online course is terrific, one of the best courses I've ever attended. It's very practical, has helped with diagnosis in my role as a GP, and has completely changed my treatment of shoulder pain and how I train my trainee colleagues. The nerve module in the course helped me identify a patient injury that I would not have picked up previously - an axillary nerve post forced internal rotation pull, despite no dislocation on Xray. Thank you!”.


Image: Denzil Jewell

"Before the course, figuring out the best and most efficent assessment and subsequent intervention plan from my assessment was a real challenge.

In the course Jo provided plenty of evidence to support the often complex presentation of shoulder pathologies, in an easy to understand and practically applicable manner that I was able to instantly use in my clinical practice.

I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my ability to diagnose and designed tailored interventions for all patients who present to me with shoulder pain.

I am no longer confused by the variety of presentations I see and find it much easier explaining shoulder and its subsequent prognosis to patients.

This is easily the best shoulder course I’ve done, both practically and online.

Jo is an excellent presenter and really has an expert grasp on all things shoulders. I cannot recommend this course enough."

New Zealand

Image: Mario Wadie

"Knowing what to strengthen and why used to be a real challenge for me.

The step by step nature of the approach to shoulder care + the simple exercises have made me 10x more confident (I was confident before but now feeling like a champ!)

100% recommended."


"The course is a fantastic resource, full of practical information that has broadened my knowledge, assessment and treatment skills of the shoulder."

Launceston, Australia

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Here’s what you’ll learn to improve your shoulder results

The Shoulder: Steps to Success online course has 12 core training modules and 5 bonus modules designed to give you exactly what you need to successfully assess and treat all types of shoulder pain, without all the unnecessary tests and exercises you don't.

All course materials - including streaming videos, downloadable course handouts, MP3’s (with Lifetime and Lifetime Plus registration), case studies and more - are available right now in an online course dashboard.

In Module 1, you’ll clarify how to successfully treat shoulder pain, and what steps you can take to get there. We’ll help you understand the key messages from the latest evidence so you can focus on the important factors in your assessment and treatment that improve outcomes. You’ll discover how long it will take your patients to get better, and how your patients can have long term success with their shoulder pain. With this module you'll:

  • Understand the challenges and limitations of special tests and imaging
  • Know whether we can diagnose anything or not.
  • Discover a simple, structured, evidence-based approach to assessment and prognosis.

By the end of module 1, you’ll have a rock solid foundation and a clear action plan to skyrocket your treatment results.

In Module 2, you’ll learn how to use a simple, structured assessment that quickly and clearly guides your treatment. You’ll confidently target the right areas with your treatment and rehab program.

You’ll also:

  • Understand pathology and the function of the rotator cuff and scapular muscles, their relevance in shoulder pain, and how this impacts your assessment and treatment.
  • Enhance your exercise selection from the start, using symptom modification in an evidence-informed approach.

At the end of this module, you’ll know when, where and how to target the rotator cuff and scapula in your rehab programs.

In Module 3, you’ll make rehabilitation easier for your patients. You’ll incorporate the kinetic chain into rehab to improve pain and performance in athletes, active patients AND more sedentary, older patients.

You’ll also:

  • Quickly and easily assess the kinetic chain, and identify when to include the kinetic chain in your patients rehab.
  • Get tools and strategies that help your patients return to work, function and sport.
  • Motivate patients with new exercises that immediately and consistently improve pain and function.

By the end of this module, you’ll have the tools you need to include the kinetic chain, and motivate your patients to get stuck into your shoulder rehab exercises.

In Module 4 you’ll master a simple assessment of patients with shoulder pathology such as rotator cuff tears. You’ll clearly identify when your patients should start conservative management, or will benefit from investigations or an early surgical opinion. You’ll also:

  • Identify which special tests provide useful information, and which tests you can leave on the scrapheap.
  • Understand structural pathology, when it matters, and when it’s just a blip on the radar.

By the end of this module, you’ll be able to quickly assess structural pathology and decide with your patient on the best treatment pathway.

In Module 5, you’ll learn how to dramatically improve your results with frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, and other stiff and painful shoulders. Accurately and efficiently diagnose your patient’s pain, and use targeted and effective treatment, exercises and manual therapy for maximum effect. You’ll also:

  • Explore common causes of shoulder stiffness, including frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, avascular necrosis, posterior dislocation and more.
  • Understand which injections will help improve pain and function in each of your stiff shoulder patients.
  • Know when to refer your patients for an injection, and how to combine this with your rehab program and manual therapy.
  • Use effective, evidence-based manual therapy that can improve range and pain in your patients.

By the end of this module, you’ll know exactly how to assess, diagnose & treat shoulder stiffness, and get your patients quickly onto a pathway to recovery.

In Module 6, you’ll quickly and confidently identify the cause of your patients acute shoulder pain, and how to calm their pain down. You’ll also:

  • Diagnose common causes of acute shoulder pain, including rotator cuff tendinopathy, frozen shoulder, calcific tendinopathy & 3 other diagnoses that each require different assessment and treatment.
  • Use exercises and manual therapy to effectively improve pain and range of movement.
  • Have options when your patient is reluctant to move and symptoms are unchanging.
  • Know when to refer your patient for an injection.

By the end of this module, you’ll have winning strategies you can use straight away to quickly diagnose and calm your patients acute or irritable shoulder pain.

In Module 7 you’ll leverage strength training to accelerate your treatment results. You’ll harness the most effective strengthening exercises to improve your patients pain - where to start, and how to build them up. You’ll also:

  • Sort the good from the great, and find out which strengthening exercises will have the biggest impact on your patients pain.
  • Know when to use strengthening exercises, and when your patients need a different approach.
  • Build your patients strength, to become robust, resilient and ready for life’s challenges.

By the end of this module, you’ll have the strengthening tools and knowledge you need to set your patients on the path to a speedy recovery.

In Module 8, you’ll know when shoulder pain is referred from the Cervical spine, and how to design the perfect rehab program for cervical driven shoulder pain. You’ll also:

  • Assess and diagnose cervical spine driven shoulder pain.
  • Know how to explain pain referral and recovery timeframes to your patient.
  • Identify when the thorax is stopping your patients recovery, and why your rehab program for the thorax needs more than mobility exercises.
  • Discover effective cervical and thoracic spine exercises you can incorporate into your shoulder rehab.

By the end of this module, your outstanding results with referred pain will set you apart from other therapists in your area, and drive patient referrals left, right and centre.

In Module 9, you’ll master the treatment of ACJ pain, and shoulder pain caused by ACJ stiffness, with simple assessment and treatment techniques and exercises. You’ll also:

  • Explore ACJ pathology, stiffness or mobility and pain so you can start a targeted exercise program.
  • Discover exercises for patients with an ACJ injury, to enhance their joint stability.
  • Improve ACJ mobility with manual therapy and targeted exercises when stiffness is contributing to shoulder pain.

By the end of this module, you’ll have effective exercise and manual therapy treatment strategies to boost your results with ACJ stiffness, pain and injury.

In Module 10, you’ll develop a winning strategy to rehabilitate patients with massive rotator cuff tears (MRCT). You’ll use innovative exercises guided by the latest evidence to help your patients recover their shoulder strength and function, and get back to the activities they love. You’ll also:

Discover specific tests you can use to identify patients that are likely to do well with conservative management, and who will require a surgical referral, so you can confidently choose the best treatment pathway. Develop and implement an effective, tailored treatment program for your MRCT patients, that goes beyond the limitations of commonly prescribed anterior deltoid programs, to achieve your patient goals.

By the end of this module, you’ll know how to design an exercise program to get massive results with your massive rotator cuff tears patients.

In this crucial module, you’ll turn your communication into a superpower! You’ll develop key communication skills and language to help your patients make a full recovery. You’ll harness the power of language to develop a therapeutic alliance with your patients, and reap the rewards of improved treatment results that come from skilled, effective communication. You’ll also:

  • Identify and incorporate your patient goals into your treatment, so your patients stay motivated to perform their exercises.
  • Discover where communication often goes wrong, and how to get back on track when patients don't fully understanding your messages.
  • Identify biopsychosocial elements that hamper your patients recovery, and effectively address these to create a successful treatment outcome.

By the end of this module, your clear, powerful communication will inspire your patients, and multiply the impact of your entire treatment.

In Module 12, you’ll apply everything you've learned in The Shoulder: Steps to Success online course to navigate through three real life case studies. You’ll improve your clinical reasoning, build your confidence to use the “Steps to success” approach with your patients, so you know exactly where to start, and the key ingredients that will provide you and your patients with outstanding treatment outcomes.

By the end of this module, you’ll have the tools you need to confidently use this simple, structured approach, make a huge impact on your patients shoulder pain and enjoyment of life, and give you the treatment results you’ve dreamed of.

Enrol now and get these additional shoulder training modules, FREE!

In this bonus module, you’ll quickly and confidently assess and diagnose patients with acute shoulder pain, so you can immediately start treatment and reduce your patients pain. You’ll also:

  • Identify when to refer patients for further investigations or injections.
  • Assess & diagnose 6 common causes of acute shoulder pain, including rotator cuff tendinopathy, frozen shoulder and calcific tendinopathy.
  • Choose the best treatment for your patients with acute shoulder pain.

Get immediate access to this module when you register.

In this bonus module, you’ll streamline your objective examination, confident that you’re only performing tests that provide you with useful information. You’ll know which special tests are helpful, and which tests waste your time and can be eliminated from your assessment. Get instant access to this timesaving bonus module when you register.

In this bonus module, you’ll identify common nerve injuries in the shoulder, and specific exercises you can use to target muscle recovery after nerve injury. You’ll also:

  • Know when imaging and EMG help your diagnosis and treatment, and clarify your expectations of patient recovery.
  • Provide patients with strategies that support optimal nerve recovery after injury.
  • Incorporate cortical aspects into your nerve injury treatment programs.

In this bonus module you’ll unlock exercises and simple strategies you can use in your post-op shoulder surgery rehab programs to decrease post-op stiffness, improve patient recovery and return to sport or activity, and set your patients up for success. Get instant access to this bonus module when you register.

Stay up to date with the latest evidence, with immediate access to a comprehensive selection of downloadable research articles when you register.

Let’s sum it up - here’s everything that included in your Shoulder: Steps to Success online course enrolment.

  • Immediate access to the online self-paced course
  • 12 core modules
  • 5 bonus modules
  • Live video Q&A sessions with Jo Gibson
  • Q&A Library
  • Spectacular Clinical Edge support
  • An instant global community

Immediate access to the online self-paced course

You’ll have access to the entire library of Shoulder Steps to Success course materials inside your Online Course dashboard, to work through as quickly or slowly, and review as often as you like. You can choose 12 months or Lifetime access to all of these course resources, to ensure you have as much time as you need.

12 core modules

12 core modules contain content that has taken Jo more than 25 years to learn, practice, refine and put together for you in an easy to follow format that gets results with your patients.

5 bonus modules

Your bonus modules give you even more valuable information to help you with shoulder pain and injuries.

Live video Q&A sessions with Jo Gibson

During the live Q&A sessions with Jo Gibson, she’ll tackle your toughest questions and provide guidance to move you forward. If you can’t make it live, watch the replay, or if you’re a Lifetime or Lifetime Plus enrollee, you can also download the MP3 audio file.

Q&A Library

You’ll have immediate access to bank of Q&A sessions with Jo Gibson that answer common questions, so you’ll know exactly what to do in any scenario.

Spectacular Clinical Edge support

Easily connect with Clinical Edge staff using the chat function within your Dashboard for any help with technical issues, or challenges you're facing.

An instant global community

Create connections in the private Facebook group for Lifetime and Lifetime Plus enrollees, with therapists all over the world that have a passion for shoulder treatment. Get feedback and receive guidance directly from Jo Gibson.

You can share ideas and get encouragement and support from other enrollees who are passionate about treating shoulder pain and are using the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course material every day in their clinical practice.

(The Facebook group is exclusively for Lifetime and Lifetime Plus enrollees.)

Here's a sneak peek inside the course

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Jo Gibson

Jo Gibson MCSP MSc

Jo Gibson is a Clinical Physiotherapy Specialist who has specialised in rehabilitation of the Shoulder since 1995 and works at the Liverpool Upper Limb Unit and in private practice. She is a Consultant to several elite sports teams regarding shoulder rehabilitation. Jo is an Associate Lecturer at Liverpool University, has published in Peer-reviewed journals, has written several book chapters and co-authored National guidelines for the treatment of common shoulder pathologies. She is Co-Editor of the Educational Section of the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow. Jo's research interests include communication, complex instability and accelerated rehabilitation. Jo teaches all over the world and is passionate about empowering clinicians and helping translate the evidence base into meaningful practice that optimises management of our patient with shoulder pain.

Liverpool, UK

Hi! My name is Jo Gibson

I'm a Upper Limb Rehab Specialist Physio working in Liverpool (UK), specialising in the treatment of shoulder pain.

I love treating shoulder pain, staying up to date with all of the latest shoulder pain research and consider myself a Shoulder Geek!

Using the latest research and 25 years of clinical experience as a Clinical Specialist Physio in the Liverpool Upper Limb Unit, I've developed a unique approach to shoulder pain assessment and treatment that I use everyday in my clinical practice with patients ranging from elite athletes through to office workers, young athletes through to grandparents.

I love sharing this approach and helping therapists learn to enjoy treating shoulder pain successfully.

I dreaded treating shoulder pain.....

Which is a HUGE change from when I started out in the NHS, when I dreaded treating shoulder pain.

I found shoulder pain so complicated, and every article or book I read, or course I went on seemed to make it even more complicated!

I would watch my patients move hoping to see all the other things the experts told me I should see about the scapula and kinematics.

I would go through my gambit of special tests, Hawkins-Kennedy, impingement tests, ACJ and SLAP tests, rotator cuff tests – so many tests! And then try and work out a diagnosis or a structure at fault.

It was confusing and I felt rubbish!

I seemed to collect loads of information and got more and more confused and when I look back I am sure I confused my patients too!

I remember as a new Band 6 physio in my first ever musculoskeletal outpatients placement – it seemed that everyone around me was more confident, more experienced and just better than me at treating patients with shoulder pain.

I had patients who just didn’t progress or even worse the exercises I gave them made their pain worse.

I had patients who were on treatment for what felt like forever – I would try every exercise or technique that I knew and still they would come back every week saying it’s the same. I would go on courses convinced that if only I knew some other techniques or a different approach to exercise everything would be okay.

A simple approach to shoulder pain is much more effective!

I discovered the simple things that make a huge difference.

A simple assessment that lets you know

  • exactly what is causing your patients shoulder pain and
  • how to treat it

without having to perform a lot of tests that just confuse you and your patient.

A simple approach to rehab - your assessment helps identify the most effective exercises for your patient, that your patient can use to start improving their pain immediately.

How did I go from dreading shoulder pain to teaching courses?

How did I go from dreading treating shoulder pain and feeling like I was failing, to developing a passion for helping people with shoulder pain, becoming a Upper Limb Rehab Specialist Physio and teaching shoulder courses?

Over the past 25 years, I've treated tens of thousands of shoulder pain patients and figured out what works for almost every shoulder pain patient you can think of.

  • If you'd like to make your shoulder pain assessment easy, we'll teach you how to do that
  • If you want to successfully treat shoulder pain from overload, stiff shoulders, frozen shoulders, torn or irritable shoulders, we'll teach you how to do that as well

The shoulder assessment and treatment framework you'll find inside this course have helped thousands of therapists around the world to get great results with shoulder pain, faster than ever before.

The Shoulder: Steps to Success online course will give you access to all the assessment tests, exercises, exercise progressions and manual therapy techniques that I use every day to successfully treat all types of shoulder pain, so you can use them immediately with your patients, and become the most successful therapist with shoulder pain in your clinic or area!

Jo Gibson on how the course will help you

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The Shoulder: Steps to Success online course has massively changed my way of assessing and treating shoulders.

Instead of having to focus on the problem or diagnosis, I look for solutions.

It encourages patients when they can see they have the potential to move their arm with less pain, instead of just confirming their shoulder is sore with provocative tests (that don't tell us anything most of the time).

Everything in the course is easy to follow, understand and apply with patients in clinic instantly.

Also the support in the FB group is amazing, it really helps with those difficult cases.

The course has not only given me more confidence, but gives my patients more confidence in their rehab (and my treatment)..

Tauranga, NZ

"My knowledge and differential diagnosis has really improved, and I've picked up a lot of treatment ideas.

I like that I can do it in my own time, and go back and review the course at any time.

It honestly was one of the most useful courses I have done in 20 years of clinical practice."


"The Shoulder: Steps to Success online course has given me a faster, more structured assessment, and I love the improvement tests.

There are lots of evidence-based treatment and exercise ideas with clear progressions that have helped me be more targeted with my exercise selection and progression."


"The Shoulder: Steps to Success online course is excellent value. It's a great course that has really helped me and changed my practice."

Physio, MSc
London, UK

"I'm really enjoying the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course, the Q&A's and accessibility to the course material at any time.

I have a much better, up to date knowledge of shoulder assessment and treatment."

Physio, MSc
Dublin, Ireland

"The Shoulder: Steps to Success online course is a great course and it certainly improved my confidence in treating shoulder patients. More importantly, I like how Joe has simplified things and put it all together.

I have had great results with shoulder patients using the treatment suggestions.

I've learned a lot, and the course has helped me to become a better clinician."

Musculoskeletal Physio
Falcon, Australia

Image: Sally McLaine

“Thanks so much for such a fantastic course, I love everything about it!

I have found the practical assessment, treatment and ideas for exercise really great and so helpful.

The course has given me lot of go-to strategies and helped with realistic expectations for recalcitrant patients.

It's highly informative and user-friendly. Jo’s knowledge base and ability to explain is exceptional.

The case studies, ability to easily refer back to the course, and live Q&A sessions are great. I really love everything in the course!

There is so much wonderful information, it keeps me enthusiastic about shoulders!”.

Launceston, Australia

I've treated a lot of shoulders successfully with the help of the course!

London, UK

Image: Anita Kerins

"I actually really hated the shoulder and now, after doing the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course I want to become a shoulder specialist and share this wonderful knowledge with others. Thats the impact this course has had on me.

"Jo's Shoulder: Steps to Success online course has so much practical and comprehensive information, it's been transformative in my understanding and enthusiasm for treating shoulders.

I use the course material every single day in my practise either with my patients, or when conducting teaching sessions with physiotherapy colleagues, MDT colleagues and students.

The course is worth every penny. It is so comprehensive, accessible and easily digestible, you come away with such a great understanding of shoulder pain, and the approach really works! 10/10!"

Musculoskeletal Specialist Physio
Galway, Ireland

“I have loved The Shoulder: Steps to Success online course. All the material has been awesome, with the perfect balance of lecture material and practical exercise examples. I have found it very refreshing to come away with specific, yet simple and very effective exercises to implement as objective testing as well adding in to a home exercise program. While I don't come across many of the wobbly or frozen shoulders I have found the material to be fantastic and has given me the confidence and desire to take on any shoulder patient.

I think my favourite module was module 4, using the kinetic chain, which I have found to be very successful so far. I loved all the bonus modules and module 5, setting the system up for success as well.”


The course has helped me enormously!

I love that I can do it in my own time, and review modues. I haven't yet completed the course due to 2 bouts of COVID and a business move, but started module 10 last week and always feel so inspired by the course. I'll probably go back to the start again once I've completed it, now that I'm putting it into action, as I'm sure it will make even more sense the second time around.

I'm already seeing great results, and love that my clinical reasoning has improved along with my ability to justify and describe treatment plans to patients and insurance companies.

It's definitely the best money I have invested in my CPD!


"I rave about the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course and Clinical Edge website to fellow Physios.

The ease of being able to go over exercises and the info at 5-10 minute intervals at work or home is simply brilliant.

The course has helped immensely in getting my shoulder patients better. One of my patients saw two different physios before me without any change, now he is improving.

I'm afraid all online learning I take part in does not seem to come up to the standard Jo and Clinical Edge have set.

I'm so pleased I purchased this valuable tool! Thank you!

Nelson, NZ

I love Jo's enthusiasm for the shoulder, simplicity of the approach, up to date information and the ongoing support we receive.

The course has really simplified the shoulder, condensed my assessment and reduced the amount of tests I need to perform in an objective.

The numerous exercise videos have given me a lot of different exercises to choose from, and a much clearer direction with treatment to know exactly how to select exercises for the best results with each of my patients.".

Queensland, Australia

“As a clinical specialist physiotherapist working with shoulders I found Jo’s online series extremely enlightening. As always Jo’s delivery and demonstrations provided both clarity and food for thought which has led me to re evaluate my clinical practice. I would heartily recommend it to all therapists no matter what experience”.

Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist
United Kingdom

“I am nearly at the end of the Shoulder course and I would like to say what a well structured, delivered and clinically relevant course. In an industry saturated with courses it is difficult to find a course of real true value which balances EBP and Clinical needs. This course just did that.

Jo Gibson's delivery is very clear and the structure of the course follows the logic applied in the clinic. Well done. I will recommend it to all my students and colleagues.”

Sports Therapist

"Thank you for creating such an amazing course. I am excelling in my last placement because of this course and I just want you and Jo to know you are doing amazing things for future physiotherapists!”

Physiotherapy Student

“Thank you, I am really enjoying the course! I found a spare hour this morning and was able to join Jo! It is of course an excellent way to learn, thank you!”


"The Shoulder: Steps to Success online course has a lot of great content that is broken down into manageable chunks that you can watch at your own pace, and review at any time.

I feel more confident now with assessment, diagnosis and treatment of shoulder patients."

Berkshire, UK

"The Shoulder: Steps to Success online course has really helped streamline my assessment and treatment of shoulder pain.

The course has really practical straightforward information that's easy to follow and has improved my clinical practice."

Eimeo, Australia

"I'm enjoying the course immensely! Shoulder pain patients were previously a cohort that I always found the most challenging, and I found the shoulder the most difficult joint in the body.

It has been refreshing, even for an old Physio, to use Jo's course and approach with shoulder pain patients. I especially like the emphasis on the kinetic chain and psycho-social aspects.

I'm able to apply the course content immediately with my patients, and am getting great results that will only get better with time."

Fairfield (Victoria), Australia.

"Thankyou very much for organising such a great course.

The Shoulder: Steps to Success online course has updated my knowledge about shoulder rehab with the latest evidence.

The course is very well organised with the videos, audio downloads, PDF's and frequent Q&A's. Clinical Edge have also been in close contact with participants and have been very helpful.

It has helped me understand different shoulder pathologies and provide exercise programs for each patient."

Plaines Wilhems, Mauritius

"I want to say how much I love your course!

Thankyou for the work you put into this, I think the whole delivery was absolutely fantastic. I loved how each module was thought out in detail. With each video, I'm immersed in, and benefit from the wealth of experience and information Jo has developed since specialising in shoulders since 1996.



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Ticket Selection

2024 Shoulder: Steps to Success online course

Not sure if this approach will work for you and your shoulder pain patients?

Wondering if the course is good value for money?

Worried you don't have time to complete the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course?

Ticket Selection

Do you have specific questions about the course content?

How can shoulder pain patients be assessed and treated simply and easily?

Shoulder pain assessment can be complex, time-consuming and overwhelming.

You have a vast array of objective assessment tests to choose from for the rotator cuff, long head of biceps tendon, scapula, glenohumeral joint (GHJ), acromioclavicular joint (ACJ) and the C/sp.

If you test all these areas, and get a lot of positive/painful results, what is causing your patients pain?

You need a way to simplify your shoulder assessment, cut down on the tests you need to perform and make diagnosis easy.

In the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course you’ll discover specific questions you can ask your patients to identify the likely diagnosis before you’ve even started your objective assessment. You then only need a few tests in your objective assessment to test and rule in or out your diagnosis so you can then target your treatment.

Way simpler and quicker.

You’ll quickly identify a likely diagnosis for your patient, so you can explain it simply and confidently and your patient feels confident they’re in good hands.

Can we really diagnose the cause of a patients shoulder pain?

Yes, in a lot of cases!

The questions you’ll learn to ask in your patient history, from the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course, will give you 80% of the information you need to make a diagnosis.

You’ll then use your subjective history to choose a few simple objective assessment tests that test your hypothesis, and easily pinpoint the cause of your patients’ pain.

In the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course you’ll discover how to quickly and easily identify the cause of your patients shoulder pain, including:

  • Rotator cuff tendinopathy
  • Stiff shoulders, including how to diagnose frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, avascular necrosis, posterior dislocation, cuff tear arthropathy and more
  • Shoulder instability
  • Tears including massive rotator cuff tears
  • Acute, irritable shoulder pain, including calcific tendinopathy, Parsonage Turner syndrome and more
  • ACJ
  • Not a shoulder - when your patients shoulder pain is from the C/sp or nerve injury rather than the shoulder
  • Nerve injuries around the shoulder
  • And more

You’ll discover with detailed practical demonstration videos and case studies, the simple objective tests that will help you quickly make a diagnosis of your patients shoulder pain, and importantly know how to treat it.

Once I know what’s causing my patients shoulder pain, how can I successfully treat it?

In the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course you’ll discover practical video demonstrations that take you through how to use simple improvement tests (symptom modification) and a unique treatment approach to immediately improve your patients pain and range of movement.

You’ll use your improvement/symptom modification tests to identify the best starting exercises for your patients, that are focused on addressing your patients main concerns and painful movements, e.g. pain when they reach up into the cupboard, hanging clothes on the clothesline, or performing bench or overhead press in their gym routine.

Whatever is most important to your patient - you’ll know how to focus your rehab around helping your patient with THEIR biggest problems so they can achieve their goals.

Your patients will be highly motivated and excited to do their exercises, because their pain immediately improves, and they can see and feel the progress they’re making towards their goals.

You’ll know exactly how and when to progress their exercises, and what to do if your patient has a flare up.

You’ll love the results you’re getting with shoulder pain, and really enjoy treating shoulders!

How do the unique symptom modification/improvement tests in the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course improve my patients pain?

The unique symptom modification/improvement tests in the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course help to make life easier for your patients’ shoulder, give some sensory input, offer a little resistance and potentially distract your patients by moving differently.

These experiences of change are very powerful for your patient.

When your improvement tests reduce the experience of pain and improve function, you can then promote or reinforce your educational messages related to pain, challenge negative beliefs and reduce threat. We can then translate this into function so that your patient can reproduce this themselves and gain confidence.

Your patient will feel confident, and you’ll be confident you’re on the right track with your exercise program, and the next time you see your patient their pain will have improved.

What about manual therapy? Does the approach you’ll learn in the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course include manual therapy?

Manual therapy is often misused, and gets a lot of bad press.

Manual therapy can be helpful in improving patients symptoms and range of movement, however patients often have an improvement in symptoms for a couple of days after manual therapy, and then come back feeling exactly the same.

You want to know how and when to use manual therapy judiciously for a limited number of sessions, and how to make sure improvements in your patients symptoms and ROM are long term.

In the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course you’ll explore practical demonstrations that will take you through how and when to use clinically reasoned manual therapy short-term with your shoulder pain patients.

When your patient has a positive response to manual therapy, you’ll know which exercises to give your patients to ensure their symptoms continue to improve.

You’ll eliminate your manual therapy doubts, as you become confident in the knowledge that you’re providing evidence-based treatment that is helping your patients long term, and placing them in the drivers seat for their recovery.

How much are tickets in your currency?

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Questions about the course

Once I enrol on the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course, when do I get access to the course resources?

Access to the course resources starts immediately after registration.

Who is the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course suitable for?

The Shoulder: Steps to Success online course is designed for Physiotherapists, Physical therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Sports Doctors, General Practitioners, Exercise Sports Scientists and trained health professionals with a Health Science degree. The education contained on the site has a certain level of expected knowledge.

Can I do the course in my own time, or do I need to be available at a certain time?

You can enjoy the course at whatever pace suits you. You can complete it over the period of a couple of days, or savour it and complete it in 5 or 10 minutes intervals between patients, over coffee (or tea, or any beverage of your choice).

How long do I have access to the course for?

A 12 months access enrolment will provide you with 12 months access to the current version of the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course. If you choose a “Lifetime” or “Lifetime Plus” enrolment, you will have access to the presentations on an ongoing basis, including all future updates.

What are the audio downloads?

Lifetime and Lifetime Plus course enrolment provides you with audio downloads of the course presentations. These will be available to download to your Computer, Phone or iPod, to listen to whenever it suits you. When the course is updated, you will be able to download the updated audio files as well.

Will there be course handouts?

There sure will be. You will be able to download the full course handouts from within your dashboard.

How many hours of CPD does The Shoulder: Steps to Success online course have?

The Shoulder: Steps to Success online course contains more than 20+ hours of CPD as well as links to research articles and other resources.

Which ticket is right for me?

A 12 months access ticket is best for you if:

You will complete the entire course in 12 months.

Lifetime is our most popular option, and is best for you if:

  • You are not sure how long it will take you to complete the course, so lifetime access is perfect for you. You will likely complete it in 12 months, but sometimes life happens and it's nice to have a buffer.
  • You like to refer to videos of assessment tests, exercises or progressions again in the future
  • You want full access to all future updates to the course, additional modules and material
  • You would like access to ask Jo questions anytime you have them in the Facebook group
  • You would like to discuss your shoulder injury questions with other knowledgeable therapists. The Facebook group is perfect for this.
  • You benefit from case studies and seeing more detail on how the course is applied to real patients. The live "Case conferences" in the Facebook group taking you through real case studies will really help you.
  • You like downloading audio files and listening to the lectures wherever you are, like driving, travelling or exercising.

Lifetime Plus is best for you if:

  • You would like all of the benefits of a Lifetime enrolment.
  • You would also like access to practical, ongoing education on musculoskeletal and sports pain and injury at a discounted rate. You will receive 12 months Platinum Clinical Edge membership with a Lifetime Plus ticket, giving you full access to the entire library of videos and new monthly content, audio file downloads of each online course, and full BJSM access.

Do I really get access to ALL future updates to the course with Lifetime & Lifetime Plus enrolment?

You sure do!

Who can join The Shoulder: Steps to Success online course or become a member of Clinical Edge?

Anyone with a Health Science degree. The education contained on the site has a certain level of expected knowledge, so you must be a Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Sports Doctor or Exercise Sports Scientist. Massage therapists and remedial therapists are unable to become members or join the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course.

Do I get a certificate with the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course?

Yes you certainly do!

A certificate is automatically issued once the course is completed and this is added to the "Certificates" section of your Clinical Edge account dashboard.

In addition to the certificate, the course videos and resources (once viewed) are logged in an automatic CPD record that you can print and save as evidence of your CPD record for your professional registration and insurance.

When new research or assessment and treatment techniques emerge, will I receive access to course updates?

A 12 month ticket enrolment includes access to the current version of the course. Lifetime or Lifetime Plus enrolments include access to ALL FUTURE UPDATES to the course.

Course enrolment

How long will the course be open for enrolment?

Course enrolment will close in 1 week.

I am trying to enrol on the course, and my payment is not going through. What should I do?

This is generally due to 1 of the following issues relating to your credit card:

  1. Your bank isn't approving it or

  2. Insufficient funds

  3. Incorrect credit card details

We would suggest using a different credit card, calling your bank (fraud services) to get them to approve payments to Clinical Edge on your credit card and check that you have sufficient funds on your credit/debit card. Then try the following

Visit and login using the email you tried to register with and the associated password you created and then sign up from within your user profile for the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course in the “Online Courses” section of your account. If you have not created an account yet then you will not need to login first, you can register via the online course section via the register button for the ticket that you would like.

If these steps don’t work, please let us know so we can help sort it out. You can email us on

When do I pay for my course enrolment?

At the time of enrolment. Payment is in Australian Dollars.

Are there student discounts on course enrolment?

Yes! We provide significant discounts on course enrolment for students.

Yes! We provide significant discounts on course enrolment for students. For specific information on the student discount or to take up the student offer please email a copy of your student card, registration/university enrolment details to showing current semester enrolment confirmation and let us know what ticket you are interested in for The Shoulder: Steps to Success online course registration and we will send through a discount coupon and further instructions. This offer is available for undergraduate students only and is only available at the time of registration. The discount does not apply if you have already registered without using the student discount.

What does the price of my course enrolment go towards?

To ensure the highest quality presenters and material are provided for course attendees, all Clinical Edge course presenters are paid for the presentations. More than 12 months of preparation, work and costs are involved in the research, organisation and preparation to provide you with this opportunity, and for a fully featured online course of such a high standard.

Unlike physical courses and conferences, your course enrolment provides you with access to the course presentations for 12 months or on an ongoing basis, allowing you to watch presentations whenever it suits you, as many times as you like.

You save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on travel time, travel costs and accommodation, while accessing the course from the comfort of your home or clinic.

All of this for less than the price of one physical course!

Can I share my Shoulder: Steps to Success online course access with my friends or workmates?

Each course enrolment will provide access for one person to the course, and one Certificate of Attendance for your CPD Record. Please be honest with your course login. We really appreciate your honesty in keeping your course access to yourself so that we can continue to organise education like this for you, and depend on your honesty to be able to do this.

Payment and Technical Questions

In what currency is the registration fees charged?

All membership, conference and course prices listed are in Australian Dollars (AUD).

How much are tickets in a currency other than Australian Dollars?

Payment for Shoulder: Steps to Success online course is in Australian Dollars, however you can get an estimate in various different currencies via the currency conversion estimate on the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course ticket page.

Currency examples shown on this page include USD, GBP, EURO, NZD, CAD, SGD, CHF, JPY, CNY and SEK.

To view this please click on any Shoulder: Steps to Success online course ticket to see an estimate of how much tickets are in your currency.

Figures are an estimate based on the daily currency exchange rate, and will vary depending on the exact rate set by your bank.
You will not be billed while checking the currency exchange rate. Payment will only be finalised once you complete the registration process.

You may also like to check out any currency conversion website or your banks website for currencies not listed here.

Can I pay for the conference in a different currency other than Australian Dollars?

No. The Shoulder: Steps to Success online course registration fees are only available in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Is the online payment secure?

Yes. The security of your purchase is ensured by an SSL certificate, and a fully secure Stripe payment portal (

What are the computer requirements to be able to view The Shoulder: Steps to Success online course?

You will need a Broadband connection eg ADSL or ADSL2 to view the videos on a computer at the clinic or at home. Dial-up may work as well. If you are not sure, signup for a free membership, and you will be able to test it on your computer. You can watch the videos on your mobile or iPad via your 3G or 4G service. The video host automatically detects your internet connection speed, and provides the appropriate quality of video dependent on your connection speed. eg with ADSL2, you will get an incredibly high quality picture, and with slower speeds, the picture clarity will be varied to provide smooth streaming of the video. Streaming over 3G on your mobile is generally very clear and smooth. We recommend that you use Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers when accessing the Clinical Edge website resources and conference materials.

Clinical Edge Members Information

I am a Clinical Edge member. Will recordings of these videos be available for me anyway?

No, the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course is separate to Clinical Edge membership. You will not have access to any of the course presentations as part of your membership.

I am a Clinical Edge member. How do I enrol on the course?

Login to the website by clicking on Sign In (at the top of the page), and entering your email address and password. Go to “Online Courses” at the top of the website, choose the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course and select the course enrolment of your choice here on this page. THere are 3 options to choose from - either a 12 months access ticket, a lifetime access ticket or a lifetime plus ticket).

Do I have to be a Clinical Edge member to enrol on the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course?

Course enrolment is open to members and non-members. You do not need to have a Clinical Edge membership to enrol on the course.

Do I need to login before I enrol on the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course?

If you are a Clinical Edge member, OR have enrolled on a previous course or conference you will need to login before you enrol on the Shoulder: Steps to Success online course. If you have not previously made a purchase on the Clinical Edge website, you will create a login with your enrolment.