Physio Edge 055 Patellofemoral pain in runners with Brad Neal

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Runners regularly present for treatment of anterior knee pain. Accurate diagnosis is vital in guiding your treatment, and helping your patients return to painfree running.

In episode 55 of the Physio Edge podcast Brad Neal and David Pope discuss the different patient presentations with anterior knee pain, along with the subjective clues and objective tests that will help guide successful treatment.

We also explore:
• Sources of anterior knee pain
- Patellofemoral pain
- Acute synovitis
- Fat pad irritation
- Osteochondral defects
• The role of imaging
• How to perform an objective assessment in patients with anterior knee pain, including key special tests
• Red flags
• Saphenous nerve involvement
• How to assess if the patient will benefit from an orthotic intervention
• Treatment of patellofemoral pain, synovitis, and fat pad irritation
• Taping techniques

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