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Online CoursesOur Most Popular Courses

Tackling Groin Injuries with Clare Walsh

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Dance - Movement & Pre-Pointe Assessment

Hamstring Injuries in Elite Sprinters Merryn Aldridge

What People are SayingCustomer Testimonials

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for these recent videos and previous Podcasts.

They are helping me in becoming a more confident, competent and knowledgeable physio, whereby directly having a massive positive impact on my patients' recovery and rehab. Please keep doing what you are doing as you are having a massive impact on 'raising the bar' within  physiotherapy. (October 2016)

James McSharry, Physiotherapist United Kingdom

I just wanted to extend a huge thank you for all the resources you have provided over the past few years. As a student physiotherapist almost at the end of my schooling (whoo!), I feel that by listening to the podcasts and recently participating in webinars, I have given myself an edge on my contemporaries, and thus positioned myself for continued success as I transition into the world of clinical practice. Thank you again, and keep up the great work! 

Easton O, Student Physical Therapist NY, USA

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